Centering, Reflection, Movement

Centering, Reflection and Movement is the path to healing:
At Alignment Whole Health, we believe that when the body and mind is out of balance and living in a stressful state, it opens our physical bodies to be more receptive to diseases.  We are often able to live in stressful states for years before disease manifests.  By balancing our emotional lives, we are able to trigger the relaxation response, one of the most powerful antidotes to illness and disease. As we work towards finding balance, we learn to center ourselves, in other words; to connect with our core and our intuition.  Our beliefs about healthcare, our health and our bodies are often formed in childhood. Limiting beliefs about how we care for our bodies or about our bodies’ ability to heal itself are often formed before the age of seven.  We are born with an innate personality and the situations that we are born into help us to mold our personalities.

Many modalities can bring us to a place of reflection.  Once we are able to see our own reflection, we are able to decide if we are aligned with our Self.  The small letter self is that part of us that reacts from learned behaviors, the part of us affected by our Environmental stressors.  The Self with a capital S is the pure core that is found inside of every person.  This Self is where souls and spirit reside.

Once we are able to see our own reflection of the Self, then we will be able to bring about movement. Movement comes in various forms.  Our physical movement is just as important as our psychological and spiritual movement.  We are moving and changing at all times. When we are centered, and with the use of reflection, we are able to find a place where movement keeps us aligned and healthy rather than movement that takes us towards rigidity and stagnation. Working with flowers essences and yoga are two modalities that can bring us to a place of movement. For some people the movement comes by finding more physical exercise, for some of us the movement comes from slowing down and being.