My Bio

IMG_1763Katharine James BScN, RYT, CFEP

I am a mother, yoga teacher and certified flower essence practitioner and worked in healthcare as a registered nurse and a registered nursing assistant for 30 years, with people in all stages of life, supporting individuals and families in times of major transition: from birthing through to death. As a registered nurse in traditional nursing jobs, I found my role in supporting people very limited to a medical model of healthcare. On a personal level, I have struggled with health issues my entire life. I am a survivor of violence and sexual assault, and yet I consider myself one of the luckiest people on Earth. I have been blessed with an abundance of love in my life, a tremendous network of friends and family and a body that loves to bike, hike, and yoga. Because of the violence I experienced in my earlier life, I have spent much of my adult life focused on healing myself emotionally, physically and spiritually as well as assisting others on their healing journeys. Finding a balance of allopathic (western based) and alternative healing methods is one of my life quests. It is my desire to assist individuals to find their own intuitive balance of health care using tools that help you to listen to your body and your emotions and find your individual path to living in abundance and joy. My yoga classes are held with the knowledge that each of us knows our own selves best. I assist people to learn to honor their bodies, and encourage people to continue with movement in a safe and useful way. I believe that All bodies are made for yoga. No one is too inflexible or uncoordinated. There is no such thing as the “wrong” type of body to practice yoga in. Everyone is able to practice. Everyone is welcome. A successful class is defined simply by showing up on your mat. I discovered Flower Essences soon after becoming a mother but it wasn’t until I struggled with healing from Lyme’s disease that I began to use them in earnest. I found that the deep emotional healing work I was doing while using the flower remedies, assisted my body in healing as well. I am grateful to the therapists, teachers and other healers who have taken the time to listen and believe in me. And most of all I am grateful to my children and husband for being the wise teachers that they are. Whether the transition that you are experiencing is one of desiring to become a parent, becoming a new parent or finding your individual self, separate from your children, I am honoured to assist you.