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I love the change of seasons. Each one holds promise of something new. Promise of growth. Promise of movement. This Fall I have been taking Chestnut Bud as one of the ingredients in my remedy. My physical health and the seasons have historically been closely linked. This change of season found me noticing a change in my lungs. The asthma I experienced as a child, found me on antibiotics four times a year. The last Fall I had an asthma “relapse” was 11 years ago. Just as I was turning 40. And now, almost 11 years later, ending my 50th year, I found myself noticing that my breathing was not what it should be. The good news was, the lung function tests I took in the doctor’s office showed I had good lung capacity. Years of pranayama deep breathing exercises paid off. I was able to listen to my body and try all the modalities that I was more comfortable with before turning towards the pharmaceutical solutions that used to be the top choice of physical healing.

I have found myself for the past few years in cyclical pattern with my health. I will go through periods of feeling great about daily physical movement and great about the foods that I eat. And then, some little health problem will creep up and I need to honour my body by slowing down, and resting. I allow my body to heal with rest but I also get into a rut of not feeling like I am moving enough.

So while, in one sense it could feel like that the Flower Essences, the Homeopathy, the Acupuncture, the Herbs, Cranial-Sacral, Yoga and Meditations, did not clear my lungs (the word failure crept into my psyche at one point); they did help me to push through tremendous blocks, they helped me to become clearer and to spend time centering myself. They brought me to a place where I was clear about the choices I was making for myself. And as a bonus, I was able to finish a big project: the project I started last winter, my website, seemed so close to be finished and going live. And yet, I still hadn’t sat down to finish it. Chestnut Bud is a remedy we give when we are having a difficult time learning. It is used often constitutionally for people with learning issues. It is the remedy we think of when we keep doing the same thing over and over, never seeming to learn from our mistakes. It is a great motivator.

One author I have been reading, Vinton McCabe who wrote The Healing Bouquet, states Chestnut Bud is a remedy we all need. He feels it would do more good in our public drinking water than fluoride does. Whether it is addictions, chronic illnesses or learning issues; there is bound to be an area in everyone’s life that can benefit from moving on, breaking a pattern. Do you have an area in your life that feels like the same pattern is repeating over and over? Is there some lesson you feel you need help in learning? If so, Chestnut Bud may be the perfect ingredient to add to a processed remedy of your own!

And now, with my lungs able to fully expand, I am going to jump on my bike and circle Prospect Park!