Contraction and Expansion

This past month has been a time of transitions and changes.  Our family is shrinking and growing.  Contraction and Expansion.  We only have 3 of us living in our home that used to house five. I spent much of the summer on the water, sailing in oceans, watching tides, exploring.  As I slept under the stars, watching dozens of beautiful sunsets and sunrises, I was filled with gratitude for this life, this living dream.  The Expansion.  And then I came back to land.  Derek and I don’t get sea sick, we get land sick.  I feel unsteady on land. It takes a few days to stop feeling ill.  And then I dive right back into the business of this city, of parenthood.  I have so many tasks on the ‘to do’ list, I have a hard time keeping up.  As I fill up my days with the business of busyness, I just hang on. The Contraction.

And so I breathe. While I went for 20 months of practicing yoga on a daily basis, I then had a pause and went for 10 whole days without practice.  I started to wallow, playing with my self that feels guilt; and then realized that all is not lost.  I had continued my physical movement, which is a Yoga unto itself.  And I picked back up where I left off.  Back to my daily practice of luxurious stretching combined with breathing, with strengthening.

I am looking forward to diving into taking a training at Yoga Sole in Therapeutic Yoga…those of you who are my regular students know, I’ll be practicing on you in the next coming weeks.

Our Monday Night Studio has had some transitions as well, I am eager to see them and practice in the gentle shifts.

I am so looking forward to reconnecting with you all. It’s been a rich summer, and promises a great harvest.

Please RSVP so I can set up your space.

Come to Move, Come to Breathe, Come to Live