Peace, Hope and Love Formula


I am in a state of grief right now.  I am in disbelief.  I have lived on this island in my adopted country for 21 years and I am just now understanding how much of an island it is.  So many people have gathered here and made this place home because it is a place where it is possible to find community and like minded people.  I spent the last year, in deep healing.  Exploring my own shadows and how my own past has affected me and using flowers to feel  deeply rooted to this land, this earth, this community.

While around me there have been eruptions of communities speaking their truths and bandaids being peeled off, it felt like there was a light that was starting to emerge, that we were going to be able to climb out and live in the sun and come together as community.  And I need to continue to feel that.

I feel like I underestimated the amount of terror that is held in this country and its’ deep hold and roots that reach back through the years to the very founding of this country and its colonist beginnings.  The divide and schisms that exist .  And yet, just as I found that going deep and examining my own shadows has made me much stronger and able to love more deeply, I must hold onto the idea that we are more connected than we are separate.  Just as hate has fed the terror that is rooted into the nation, I believe that it is Love that must be used to combat it.  We must keep our own source of light.  It will not be handed to us.  And so I turn again inside.  And to the Earth and the flowers.

Gentian: at its’ very center is the flower that helps us to accept and understand our limitation after a disaster or defeat.  She will help us to realize that there is nothing that cannot be overcome in the end. She brings hope and the ability to trust in the hope that all will be well.

Running through the heart of the formula is the first trinity of Holly which brings Universal Love in times when we feel anger and hate. She connects with Cherry Plum who will help to bring calm when we feel we have no control – the ability to think rationally.  These two root down to the base, Star of Bethlehem  the comforter, the balm, the hug that holds us in times of great trauma and grief.

The second trinity rooting upwards from the base forms with Rock Rose whose beautiful, gentle, brilliant yellow petals holds us when we feel terror and brings courage. She reaches out to Scotch Broom whose cupped like yellow blooms engulfs us with her tenacity and strength to meet the challenges of the world allowing us to help ourselves and others.  These two flowers reach up to the peak, to Borage.  Whose stunning soft blue holds a strong center to uplift in times or grief and bring optimistic courage.